Health and safety audit

Your project is linked to your reputation and your bottom line…so is your health and safety record.

A site or workplace health and safety audit provides an independent view of compliance. The health and safety audit will benchmark against legal compliance, best practice or your company standard. Areas may include health and safety, fire safety, safe working by contractors, construction safety and environmental.


Gap analysis

The health and safety gap analysis has been designed to identify a company’s current position in terms of its compliance with health and safety legislation.

This is ideal when an organisation is undergoing change, such as rapidly growing or merging, a new management structure or determining a base line position.

The objective of the health and Safety gap analysis is to compare the client’s current arrangements for health and safety management with recognised standards, against those standards with which the client wishes to attain. The result of this will see a comprehensive health and safety gap analysis and action plan being produced. This serves to ensure our clients achieve continuous cost effective improvement in health and safety risk management.

Subject areas which can be incorporated into the health and safety gap analysis include:

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